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3 Reasons Why You Might Need a Winter Roof Repair

Winter weather provides the perfect conditions to cause seepage and leaks for your roof. Here are three reasons you might need a winter roofing repair for your home:

Flashing and Drain Leaks

The most common areas for roof leaks during the winter months tend to be around flashing and drains. Flashing is the aluminum protection added to corners and roof edges. Older flashing can be lifted in high winds as can flashing that was not installed properly. Flashing can be replaced at a low cost especially when compared to the cost of potential damages from leaks. Flat roofs have drains to help stop water from pooling. The drain sites are common areas for leaks to occur. Keeping drains clear of debris will help reduce the risk of leaks.

Water Damage

If your attic is not properly ventilated it can cause a number of issues for your home. Water damage is common in the winter when melting snow and ice is able to seep into your roof. To avoid the need for winter roofing repair you can have your attic inspected to make sure it is properly insulated. The addition of roofing ventilation can drastically reduce structural damage due to water seepage.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are also a result of poorly ventilated or insulated roofs. When heat escapes from your roof it will melt the snow above. As the water trickles down your roof it will refreeze once it hits the colder edges above your eaves. This ice will cause a damming effect forcing water to flow back up the roof and under your shingles. Seepage from ice dams can be quite severe. They will allow water to build up and leak into the ceilings and walls below. To avoid costly roofing repair projects it is advised you remove snow from your roof following a heavy snow fall. You can also arrange for a roof and attic inspection to see if you require better insulation and ventilation.

Roofing repair in the winter can be a little risky to attempt on your own. It is in your best interests to seek assistance from professional roofers. They can inspect your roof for potential issues and make recommendations to keep your roof sound throughout the winter months. They can also provide you with safe removal of snow and ice from your roof throughout the winter months to avoid ice dams and seepage.