Shingle Roof Problem after Wind Blew it Off

6 Common Roof Problems

When you are buying a house there are common roof problems of which you should be aware. Work with a housing inspector to help you avoid buying a home that will have chronic issues and beware of these six roof issues:

  1. Leaks in the field of shingles is very common and can be noted with signs such as missing shingles from high winds, pooling water and issues with the membrane.
  2. If your roof has a lot of charming peaks this means you can also have a lot of troublesome valleys. Many roof problems start in the valleys of a roof which can turn into overflowing rivers during heavy rain as well as when large quantities of snow begin to melt. If a roof is not properly installed these valleys are often the first sign of roof problems. Wear and tear in these areas is also more common due to the erosion caused by water.
  3. The head wall of a roof is another common area for issues as this is where the roof ends and the walls begin. This means that as water collects and runs off the roof this is the area where it can pool. Unfortunately it will take a set of professional eyes to detect issues here although chinks can develop making it easier to spot potential issues.
  4. Wall step flashing is commonly found at the side of the gables many people find so charming. However, much like troublesome valleys these areas can allow for leaks into your home. Discovering these issues is a must before you make a commitment to buy your home.
  5. Old chimneys can start to deteriorate which can lead to issues similar to head wall and wall step flashing roof problems. An inspector will help find any issues where the chimney may be bucking or sagging creating the perfect gaps for leaks to enter.
  6. Plumbing vents can pose challenges for less experienced roofers who might not use the proper techniques when installing flashing. This can be very problematic as the leaks are often not easily detected and can allow wood rot to seep into the roof beams as well as any other wood the water seeping in can reach.

Using a house inspector will help you avoid being stuck with the bill to repair issues caused by these common roof problems.