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The Best Time to Get a New Roof

Many Ottawa homeowners often wonder when the best time of year is to get a new roof. However, the answer is simple, whenever your roof has become seriously damaged or has shown signs of aging. Here are a few tips as to when you should call in your Ottawa roofing company.

Busy, Busy, Busy

By far the busiest time of year is late spring to early fall. Most homeowners want to ensure their roofs are safe and ready for the winter season. Many people perceive this to be the best time of year because they believe you cannot get a new roof in the winter. For the most part this is true because the Ottawa winter season produces a lot of snow and strong winds, ultimately making the roof slippery. Because of this, many homeowners rush to have their roof installed in the spring-fall season.

Ideal Installation Conditions

When considering the most ideal conditions for a roof installation these factors come into play:

  • It is more difficult to undergo thermal sealing in the heat of summer due to the higher temperatures therefore you want to avoid the dead heat of summer when roofs can reach over 40 degrees Celsius
  • It is easier to cause damage to new shingles in very hot weather as they become very soft and even a nail can tear them
  • In weather below 0 Celsius it can also lead to issues during installation as the cold will have a negative affect on asphalt shingles. Cold can make the shingles brittle which means there is potentially higher risk to damage the shingles during installation
  • The least amount of wind, rain and cold is ideal therefore late summer, early fall is a perfect time for roofing jobs

You don’t want a serious leak to be the reason you arrange for a new roof! Consider the age of your roof and take a look at its condition. If it seems your roof is looking a little worse for wear schedule a replacement in advance of the rush to avoid disappointment.