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6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Metal Roof

All home owners ask themselves the difficult question of what type of roof they should get. Although many home owners choose to have shingle roofs, both shingle and metal roofs have their pros and cons. You most likely already know the benefits of selecting a shingle roof but there are also some great benefits to choosing a metal roof.


The roof is a main focal point of the house, and selecting the wrong shade or colour of shingle can be detrimental to the home value. By having a metal roof you are able to select from a variety of designs, and colours of metals that will make your house look good with a clean finish. Metal roofs also have a tendency to last longer and withstand much more than shingle roofs, ultimately making your home look good for a much longer period of time.


Houses that experience extreme weather temperatures are best of choosing a metal roof for good protection. Fortunately while living in Canada allows us to experience all four seasons to the fullest, the harsh summers and sever winters can really do some damage to a roof over time. By having a metal roof you are more protected against Mother Nature and her elements.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly in many ways. They insulate your home better than traditional shingles in the end saving you from spending more money on heating and air conditioning than you should. The suitability, durability and recyclability of metal roofs is much higher than that of a shingle roof, causing it not to be replaced as often as a shingle roof proving to be more environmentally friendly.


Metal roofs may cost more than shingle roofs initially but in the end the extra money spent is worth it. Metal roofs increase the value of your home as many people desire metal roofs but cannot initially spare the extra costs. Due to the fact that they need to be replaced less often than shingle roofs this is a major selling point to home buyers.


One of the greatest benefits in selecting a metal roof is the warranty. Most metal roofing products come with a guaranteed lifetime limited warranty that will replace any panels that are damaged, saving you money in the long run.

Energy Tax

Many governments now offer environmental and energy tax credit incentives. These incentives provide yet another reason to choose a metal roof.