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Here Are Some Great Reasons to Choose Wright Brothers Roofing for All Your Roofing Needs

  • CertainTeed Certified Master Shingle Company:  Wright Brothers Roofing employs trained and certified roofing installers. This ensures that all home owners receive the full 50 year non-prorated warranty. The limited lifetime warranty is a 50 year non-prorated materials and labour, provided to the home owner when lifetime shingles are installed by certified installers. This warranty is transferable to a new home owner if you sell your house in the first 10 years. After the 50 year warranty ends, the warranty switches to a pro-rated warranty at a rate of 1/600 per month. The same, if you sell your house after the first 10 years, the new home owner will only receive the pro-rated warranty. ONLY MANUFACTURER CERTIFIED ROOFING INSTALLERS CAN GET YOU THIS WARRANTY. If your roof is installed by someone who is not manufacturer certified, you will only receive a 10 year labour and material warranty, provided that they install the roof to manufacturer specifications.
  • Liability Insurance:  Wright Brothers Roofing carries $2,000,000.00 of liability insurance and presents all home owners with a copy of our retainer statement. Liability Insurance is designed to protect your home from any damages that might occur while a roofing company is working on your property. Accidents can happen in which a window might be broken, siding is torn and any other number of unforeseen incidents. Wright Brothers Roofing has $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance to easily cover any damages that might occur while your roofing project is underway. This is because we take full responsibility for the work we do and the team we hire.
  • W.S.I.B. Clearance: Wright Brothers Roofing cares about it’s employees. We find it immoral and extremely selfish of companies who asks employees to perform dangerous work for them without proper coverage. You want to know that the roofing company working on your property has WSIB coverage for their employee’s. This means should any accidents occur while they are working on your roofing project they are covered by WSIB and you will be free of any responsibility related to that accident.
  • No Money Down: Wright Brothers Roofing does not ask for a deposit for any residential roofing projects not exceeding $30,000.00. ( Deposits are needed for metal roofs, specialty shingles, or custom ordered roofs that were built specifically for your house ). A smaller less established roofing company may request money down before they start working on your roofing project. This should set off alarm bells as you will be trusting them with your money with no guarantee you will ever see them again. It is also a sign they do not have the inventory or cash flow to provide the materials required to do the job. This can lead to waiting issues and is also a sign they are not managing their business wisely. There are plenty of good roofing companies out there, and if you decide to give a deposit, make sure to follow two rules specifically; 1. Always have it written in your contract, clearly stating the deposit terms. 2. NEVER pay your deposit by cash. Always by check. This way it can be traced, and clearly will state that on this day, this much money was given to this person, for this job related to this contract. Should you ever have to go to court, it will be almost impossible for this said person to say they never received a deposit.
  • Don’t Pay Until You Are Satisfied: Not only will you not be expected to pay any money up front, at Wright Brothers Roofing you are not expected to pay until the job is complete and has your stamp of approval.
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business: Wright Brothers Roofing believes in being transparent with our customers. Which would include transparency on issues such as business details, advertising, Government actions and customer complaints.
  • Quality Products: Wright Brothers Roofing uses CertainTeed roofing materials. CertainTeed is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America which was established in 1904. It is also the oldest Roofing manufacturer in North America which has been tried and true for over a century.
  • Written Guarantee:   You never want to hire a roofing company that will not stand behind their work or the products they use. Wright Brothers Roofing offers industry leading highly detailed project proposals, and presents samples of all materials being used for each project as well as a dependable manufacturer warranty, taking all the worry and guess work away
  • Free Estimates:  If it doesn’t make sense to put money down on a new roof or repairs, it certainly doesn’t make sense for someone to charge for an estimate. Wright Brothers Roofing provides free estimates as we are sure you will find our prices fair.
  • Knowledge Is Key: This is one of the best ways to separate a good roofer from a bad one. Plenty of roofers out there know how to shingle a roof, they know it needs a vent, and they know shingles need to be placed this way, but I would say maybe only 35% of them actually know why that vent needs to be there, or why its shingled this way. When you don’t know these answers (among plenty others) how can you fix the problem? I guarantee most of the estimators out there don’t even know the difference between a Static vent and a Passive vent, or how the work. When you know how they work, you know how to remedy the problem. A good knowledgeable company will put in the time and effort to receive proper training and accreditations.  Whether they need it or not. Every winter we spend countless hours reviewing more and learning how things work. The learning process never stops as materials and building codes keep changing. You can be guaranteed that when you hire Wright Brothers Roofing, you will be dealing with a knowledgeable roofing contractor that cares about resolving the issues properly.