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How to Prevent Winter Roof Damage

Ottawa winters come with plenty of snow, ice and cold. The roofing companies Ottawa homeowners rely on see winter roof damage throughout the winter months and into the spring. However winter roof damage is easily avoidable if you take a few precautions. Here is how you can protect your roof this winter:

Snow and Ice on the Roof

The build-up of snow and ice on your roof is inevitable throughout the winter months. However allowing it to build up can lead to a number of issues for your home. The best way to prevent damage caused by snow is to ensure that you remove snow from your roof once it reaches the depth of 70 cm. Ice allowed to reach more than 5 cm can also pose issues for seepage and damage. If you do not deal with snow and ice removal you will be faced with the likelihood of some form of water seepage. Watch for water stains and rings in the ceiling, signs of blistering paint or wallpaper as well as water droplets as this will indicate you have seepage from the roof. Structural damage is also a risk from the added weight of snow and ice build-up. This excess weight can lead to cracked walls, doors that become difficult to shut and ceilings that appear warped. You might even hear some disturbing creaking sounds. Removing snow and ice is your best defense against seepage and collapse.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are common in older homes as well as poorly insulated attics. Ice dams appear when there are frequent thaws and freezes. When heat escapes from your home the snow closest to the roof begins to melt. As the snow melts the water trickles down the roof reaching the colder edge by your eaves. The sudden cold causes the water to refreeze forming the ice dam. The ice dam prevents water from reaching the gutters. Instead it forces the water back up the roof. This allows water to seep under the shingles into your home. Water can then damage your attic and in severe cases even seep into your walls and

Professional roofing companies Ottawa homeowners depend on can remove snow and ice from your roof. They can also assess your roof and attic to see if you are at risk for seepage or ice dams before the snow begins to fall.