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The Importance of Proper Roof Insulation

Many people have lived in their home for years and never once taken a peek at their attic. Your attic is an important area of your home as it is the one area where heat can escape without you even realizing. Proper roof insulation is very important in helping to maintain a comfortable climate in your home as well as keeping your energy consumption down.


You might be wondering what physics could possibly have to do with your home’s heat. However it is physics that dictates that hot air rises and cool air drops. How does this affect your home’s climate and energy bill? In the winter your heat rises, and it will of course end up hitting your roof. If your roof is not properly insulated when the heat reaches the attic it will continue to rise right through your roof.

In the case of cooling your home, the cool air will drop and with a poorly insulated roof it will actually allow more warm air to enter the home and remain trapped in the attic. This can result in a warmer top level and when you are upstairs trying to sleep you will be tempted to crank up your air conditioning so you can sleep more comfortably. This leaves the downstairs freezing and the upstairs fighting to stay cool with the heat of the attic.

R Values

Your insulation uses R values to rate the type of insulation required in your climate. In cold climates such as ours you are required to have insulation with the R Value between R-38- to R-49 in your ceilings. This is the minimum amount required to keep cold air out during the winter months.

Vapour Barriers

Part of your roof’s insulation includes a vapour barrier. A vapour barrier that is installed incorrectly can cause moisture to collect and create a terrible mess of mold and mildew. Many people are also worried warm air is escaping through the attic and make the mistake of adding an additional layer of insulation with an additional vapour barrier. By adding a vapour barrier between the layers you will actually lessen the effectiveness of your insulation as the moisture collected will stop the first layer closest to the roof from working.

As you can see proper roof insulation plays an important role in keeping your home comfortable and your energy bills low.