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What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

Home ownership is a major responsibility and learning to care for your property will take some time. Your roof can lead to many issues if it is not properly maintained. Therefore it is important for you to know a few things about your roof once you buy your home:


The age of your roof is important as it will help you get a good idea of its condition. Depending on the type of roof, you can figure you will need a replacement, or at least be in need of some serious repairs for roofs that are over 15 years. Older roofing should be inspected on a regular basis as most roofs do not last more than 20 years in the best possible circumstances.


When buying a home you want to understand if your roofing is under warranty and if it is actually transferable. In many cases warranties for major items such as roofs and HVAC systems will be transferable to new owners. However you want to be certain and ask for the paperwork so you have it should something go wrong.

Roofing Problems

Your roof is more than just the shingles. It is a complicated system with many parts that must work and function together in order to remain effective. Some of the most common problems your roof might have can lead to costly interior or even foundation damage. Therefore it is important to determine any past roofing problems and any issues that might still be present. Common roofing problems can include:

  • Shingles: Missing shingles, curled or cracking shingles and even algae can all be common issues you may encounter with your roof. These issues must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid serious and costly issues down the road.
  • Gutters: Issues in your gutters can cause water to become blocked and not be able to travel away from your roof and home properly. Gutters must be well maintained and free of debris as well as be free of damage such as cracks in order to work properly.
  • Flashings: Flashing offers extra protection at key areas of your roof such as the peaks and valleys. Without proper seals they can lead to serious leaks.
  • Soffits: Soffits are located beneath your gutters and eaves troughs. Any cracks or damage can lead to leaks.
  • Learning more about your roof will help you avoid future costly repairs and damage.