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Protecting Your Roof

Your roof protects you against the weather, helps insulate your home and even helps to divert water away from your foundation to stop erosion and general wear and tear. It is important for you to protect your roof from damage and maintain its integrity so that it can continue to protect your home. Here are some tips to protecting your roof in order to avoid serious roof problems:

Tree Care

Many people love the cool shade offered by large trees on their property. However if you have large trees near your home they can prove troublesome. Roof problems can occur if your trees are in contact with your roof. Any trees that reach to the second floor should be pruned on a regular basis, preferably by a professional tree care company who will know how to maintain your tree. They will remove any overhanging tree branches to lessen the chance of damage during storms as well as taking care of damaged or weakened branches that may eventually fall onto your home. As well they will look for branches that might cause roof problems by putting pressure on eaves troughs and the roof’s edge as they grow.

Regular Roof Repair

Your roof is exposed to the elements day after day, year after year. From shingles being blown off during heavy winds to natural erosion from snow, ice and rain as well as issues such as algae and curling shingles, the integrity of your roof can be jeopardized with each passing season. Regular roof inspections will allow you to find any roof problems early enough to avoid serious damage. Fixing any minor roof problems is your best bet to avoid any serious leaks and interior damage down the road.

Ventilation and Insulation

A roof inspection by a professional roofing company can also check for proper ventilation and insulation. This is important for two reasons, proper insulation is important to reduce your energy bills and poor ventilation and insulation can lead to issues such as condensation and ice dams on the roof. Condensation can lead to moisture issues and water damage. As well ice dams can cause roof damage allowing water to seep into your home leading to leaks throughout the home and the interior walls and ceilings.
Taking note of these helpful tips will help keep your roof protected from serious damage.