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Why You Should Have the Roof Inspected Before Buying a Home

When you are buying a home your real estate agent might recommend foregoing a home inspection in order for your offer to be accepted. However, even if you are considering this option you should still arrange for a roof inspection. There are several reasons your roof should be inspected before you buy a home including:

House Inspectors

Not all house inspectors do a thorough check of your roof. In fact they are not obligated to go up on your roof to check for signs of trouble. With this in mind it is important to have a roof inspection that is handled by a roofing expert. They will not only check the outside but your attic as well in order to identify any issues that will prove costly down the road or that might need immediate attention.


A roof inspection will identify issues with current and past leaks. This is important as many people do not realize that even if you have a new roof past leaks can have caused a number of issues including mold and rot. Current leaks will of course have to be identified so you can arrange to request roof repairs be completed prior to you taking ownership or a price reduction be applied to reflect the investment required to repair the roof.

Water Damage

Water damage can include anything from rotten wood to mold and mildew. The biggest threat from water damage is the possibility of damage to the integrity of your roof’s structure. This means you can actually purchase a home with the danger of roof collapse. This is especially important in areas with high frequency of heavy snow falls.


A roof inspector will also be able to let you know when to expect to replace your roof based on its current condition. They may be able to offer advice on repairs you can do following the purchase of the home to allow you to avoid leaks and help the roof last a little longer.

A roof inspection will help you avoid buying a home with past damage from leaks, mold caused by water damage, and integrity issues to the roof structure itself. If you hire a house inspector it is important to review what aspects of the roof they will be inspecting and decide whether or not it makes sense to arrange for a roof inspection as well.