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Should My Roof Be Repaired or Replaced?

If you are experiencing roof problems such as leaks it might be hard to determine whether or not you just require some quick and easy repairs or whether you would be better off replacing your roof. Your best bet is to call in a roofing company who has the expertise to determine two things: the cause of the roof problems and the best solution to fix them. Here are some of the determining factors in deciding if your roof should be repaired or replaced:

Missing Shingles

If it turns out your roof problems are something simple such as missing shingles as a result of severe weather, then there is a very good chance they can make a quick and budget friendly repair. However, you will have to decide if you are okay with having a mismatched area on your roof if your current shingles are no longer available. Your shingles are likely to have done quite a bit of aging and unless you have a newer roof or better yet happen to have saved some tiles from the last roofing job there will be either blatantly obvious differences in colour or at least a hint of unevenness to the roof.

Confined Damage

If the damage is worse than a few missing shingles, but still seems to be kept to a smaller area, again it is possible to arrange for more affordable repairs as opposed to a complete roof replacement. However, you will still be faced with the same challenge of mismatched shingles.

In the case of more severe damage it often makes more sense to opt for a complete replacement because if you do a breakdown of what you are paying per square meter you will discover a small area of roof will cost you far more. You will then not have to worry about further roofing issues popping up over the next few years. As well, for an older home you will have a far better quality shingle that will probably outlast your life in the home if you opt for a roof replacement.

Roofing repairs are often a more affordable option when it comes to fixing the roof, however listening to your roofing services professional is always best. You may think that a roofing repair will save you money, but if the damage is bad and you need a quick fix, you might end up paying more in the long run for the repair and shortly after for a complete new roof.