Rooftop Snow and Ice Removal

Removing Snow and Ice from a Roof

Rooftop Snow & Ice Removal

Each winter in Ottawa there is an average of 175.4 cm of snowfall – this snow accumulates on roofs in thick layers, which can be several feet high and also pose serious risks to safety, structural integrity, and even air quality if bacteria such as mold gathers in moist indoor conditions. The accumulation on your roof can not only result in snow and ice falling from your rooftop, but it can also be a major problem due to ice formations blocking water flow from eavestroughs and gutters. This can easily lead to leaks and back-ups into your home.

Wright Brothers Roofing’s team of roof care experts are trained for detail-oriented rooftop snow and ice removal services to the Ottawa area. After reaching out to us and providing a few details about your roof and what needs to be done, we can send out our specialized snow and ice removal team to your home or business. The experts servicing your roof are always fully certified and trained to deal with precarious jobs professionally, meaning they know the best practices in regard to maintaining a safe working area to protect themselves, our clients, and their property.

The process of clearing a roof of snow and ice is a delicate one, requiring precision, extra care, and a willingness to create solutions no matter how long it takes rather than rush to create more problems. This is the philosophy our Ottawa snow removal team follows, resulting in clean roofs that are free of shingle damage from shovels as well as inconsistent clearings. We’ll carefully chisel away ice buildup and ensure that anything underneath the jutting edges of your roof is spared from damage, including people, pets, and vehicles. We’ll work diligently to make sure that water can freely flow from your gutters and roof down to the ground, minimizing the chances of ice building up again to such a degree with regular roof care.

Are you a resident or business owner in the National Capital Region who has been hit with a major dump of snow or heavy ice buildup? If so, be sure to call the experts at Wright Brothers Roofing for the fastest, most efficient, and professional Ottawa snow removal services. We’ll protect your home, belongings, and family with our speedy and friendly assistance, and also bring our own equipment.

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