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How Siding has Come a Long Way

If you own a home with siding you may be weary of the look. However siding has come a long way and replacing your current siding with any of the newer choices available can really improve not only the look of your home, but the energy efficiency as well. Here are a few ways siding has improved over the years:

Beautiful Colours

New siding has finally caught up with the demands of home owners for modern aesthetics. Long gone are the days of three or four colour choices for siding. You can now completely redo your home’s exterior using gorgeous roofing, garage doors, shutters and siding all colour coordinated for optimum impact and a high end look of a well maintained designer home.

Stunning Designs

Not only do you have far more colour choices, you now also have more designs and styles from which to choose. Siding used to come in one design style: Flat. Now you can look at many different choices from the basics with a touch of wood grain to shaker style shingle designs that add history and texture to your home.

More Curb Appeal

When you combine the wide variety of colours with the lovely assortment of styles and designs you can create a home that is truly charming with mass curb appeal. You can choose to enhance the historic aspects of your home or go for a more sleek and modern look. Siding can enhance the look of your home by adding texture and colour and you can go for contrast and impact or a monotone look that will help your home look well thought out and finished.

Great Materials

You can also choose from aluminum or vinyl siding each offering a distinctly different look as well as coming with a number of energy efficient benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Both vinyl and aluminium siding are installed with foam insulation which can increase the R-value by as much as 3.0 to 4.0. That means savings on your energy bill.


Both aluminum and vinyl siding offer an affordable option for installation costs when compared to stucco, stone facing and wood options.


Siding is the most durable choice and can withstand wind, rain, ice and snow with ease.

As you can see siding has come a long way and can provide you with a durable, affordable and attractive way to improve your home’s energy efficiency.