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The Cost of a New Roof

The roofing services Ottawa homeowners hire will use a number of factors to determine the price of your roof. These factors include the style, design, time and materials you choose. Here are some of the things that will affect the cost of a new roof:

Determining Factors

Roofing services Ottawa homeowners hire look at the following factors when providing an estimate for your roof installation:

• The square footage of your roof
• The slope of your roof and complexity of its design
• Amount of shingle layers on the roof
• The roofing materials you choose
• Required additional materials such as underlayment and accessories
• Potential waste due to specialty cutting needs
• Proper ventilation
• Flashing
• Cleaning and disposal of old materials and other garbage such as packaging
• Labor and overhead costs
• Their own profit

What Will Up the Cost

You can get a good idea of how much more your roof might cost by considering the architectural design of your home. If your home has limited slopes, corners and design features than it will not have additional needs for labour considerations. However if your home has interesting details such as turrets and dormers your price will go up the more involved the design. If you choose a specialty material for your roof such as cedar shakers, metal or “designer” shingles this will also up the cost of your new roof.

General Assessment

The roofing services Ottawa homeowners want ask for quotes consider how much additional work will have to go into your roof replacement. They will also look at the overall cost of the materials required. A basic roof does not require as much specialty cutting and also does not use as much waste of materials. As well the more dips and slopes in the roof, the more flashing and additional materials they will have to use. All of these factors are considered when providing you with a quote for your roof replacement.

Other Considerations

The roofing services Ottawa homeowners hire also have to consider their own overhead costs such as labour, insurance, travel time and equipment. If you request special accessories or require additional ventilation they will also add this into the cost of material and additional labour.

The cost of a new roof is well worth the investment and will improve the value, look and integrity of your home.