Roof Repair & Inspection

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Get Your Home Re-Roofed and Increase the Resale Value

Many people selling their home will hire a specialist to stage their interior to help add to their home’s appeal. However, the exterior of their home is often overlooked. When it comes time for the home inspection it can be a sad awakening when interest dwindles due to exterior issues such as leaky roofs. Re roofing can improve your home’s curb appeal and increase the resale value.

Conditional Offers

Most savvy home buyers will have a conditional offer pending a home inspection. This means that should any issues be found their offer is no longer on the table. Also, many people will request a drastic drop in their offer price based on repairs that are required immediately or even in the near future. This is often major ticket items such as old, drafty windows, house foundations and roofs.

Roof Inspection

You can arrange to have your roof inspected prior to placing your house in the market in order to identify any issues. You can then make arrangements for roof repairs, as well as noticeable red flags such as eaves troughs coming away from the roof or crumbling brick or leaks around chimneys. You can also speak to the roof inspector to decide if the issues are bad enough to warrant re-roofing your home to avoid costly impact on the resell value of your home.

Interior Inspection

Another issue due to roofing is interior damage to your home. A roof inspector can take a look around in your attic and identify any serious damage that will scare home buyers away. If your roof was in ill repair, there are several warning signs a home inspection might reveal such as structural damage due to moisture in beams as well as signs of mold or damage to insulation. All of these issues can be handled ahead of the sale if need be, or you can at least have the re-roofing completed and present proof the re-roofing was performed with your warranty.

Transferable Warranty

Most re-roofing projects come with a limited transferable warranty that can be shown to those placing an offer on your home. This will be a good selling point and increase the resale value of your home.

You can also consider further popular exterior improvements including vinyl siding and a lick of fresh paint on porches, doors and windows.