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Why a Roof Leak Needs to Be Fixed ASAP

Even a trickle of water from a leak in your roof can pose numerous issues for your home. Roof leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible because the damages they cause are slow and devastating. Here are the main reasons to fix your roof now:


There are many types of mold that will grow given the right amount of damp and moisture. Unfortunately mold damage is often left undiscovered for years. Mold can be extremely dangerous for your family. Black mold is a very toxic form of mold that can be breathed in without your knowledge. Mold can lead to symptoms including:
• Congestion
• Itchy, red and swollen eyes
• Breathing issues including wheezing and chest tightness
• Cough and throat irritation
• Sneezing fits
• Seizure

There are also psychological affects including:
• Difficulty concentrating
• Disorientation
• Memory issues
• Learning disabilities
• Hallucinations
• Depression
• Change of personality

Structural Damage

Even a slow leak can cause structural damage. Dampness will lead to wood rot which can affect the integrity of the wood beams supporting your roof. Depending on where the leak leads it can not only affect your roof but the entire structure of your home.

Expensive Roofing Repairs

Roofing repairs can become very expensive the longer you wait. A simple missing shingle could be causing the leak. This is a very affordable repair. However as the roof continues to leak it will rot the roof, beams and even the floor of the attic below. It is very important to correct the leak when it starts. You can make a cheap and simple repair instead of waiting until you require a complicated, expensive repair.

Damage to Personal Belongings

A bad leak can get into the rooms below and cause extensive damage to your personal belongings. You can have damage caused to the drywall in your upper rooms, carpeting, hardwood floors, furniture, computers and other electronics in your home. A bad leak can cause extensive damage and cost thousands of dollars in lost belongings.

You might be worried you could have a leak in your attic and not realize it. It is a good idea to pop into your attic and look for signs of leaks on a regular basis. Spotting leaks will allow you to call in your local roofing experts. They will assess the damage and make recommendations on the repairs you need.