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Why You Should Hire a Rooftop Snow Removal Company

As a home owner you keep your property clear of ice and snow to avoid slips and falls. However did you know it is also in your best interest to keep your rooftop clear of snow and ice? Here are just a few of the reasons it is so important to have a rooftop snow removal company for your rooftop this winter:

Ice Dams

If your roof has poor insulation and improper ventilation this can lead to ice dams. Ice dams form when heat escapes through your roof melting the snow above. The resulting water will make its way down the slope of your roof. When it reaches the cooler surface at your roof’s edge it will refreeze. This is the formation of an ice dam. When this happens your roof becomes vulnerable to leaks. Ice dams can also form around skylights and in any of the valleys you might find above architectural detail such as dormer windows. The larger the dam the more chance there is of leaking. Ice dams also add additional weight to your roof which leads us to our next issue – possible collapse.

Possible Collapse

In areas with heavy snowfall such as Ottawa your home will be holding a lot of extra weight. An inch of snow on your roof weighs about a pound per square foot. Imagine the weight placing pressure on your home at several inches. Combine that weight with ice dams which can weigh as much as 57 pounds per cubic foot and you can be faced with serious damage to your home. Of course a collapse or cave in can also put your family in danger. A rooftop snow removal company will clear away that additional weight bearing down on your home and keep you safe from cave ins and collapse.

When to Clear the Roof

In order to avoid the risk of roof leaks or collapse snow removal is a must. Have a rooftop snow removal service clear your roof for snowfalls reaching six inches of dry snow and three inches for heavier packing snow.

If you want to keep your home at less risk of leaks and cave-ins call a rooftop snow removal service for peace of mind this winter.